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In America, we spend over 11 billion dollars a year on elective cosmetic surgery and other procedures to enhance our appearance. Most women we see in media have NO facial lines. That means that they are either under 20 and haven’t developed wrinkles yet or they have had intervention to erase their wrinkles. Have you bought in to this trend? Are you trying to erase your facial lines?

The human face develops wrinkles over time as the collagen and connective tissue breaks down and the facial muscles develop a memory for movements the face repeatedly makes. Try this simple activity to see what habits and emotions have etched their way onto your face. Pinpoint a wrinkle and then make a face that will exaggerate that wrinkle. What emotion does that facial expression suggest? I’ll walk you through this on my face.

The horizontal lines across my forehead. These lines are made when I am surprised or delighted or when I speak emphatically. I like being surprised and delighted and I often must speak with force of conviction. I’ll keep those ones.

The 2 vertical lines between my eyebrows. These lines are made when I’m taking a closer look at something—either physically or metaphorically. They also form when I’m concerned or deliberating about something important. I make this facial motion when I’m thinking seriously. I actually like these wrinkles. These lines indicate wisdom and the ability to think critically about important matters.

The marionette lines (parenthesis) on either side of my mouth. These ones are harder. Smiling makes them pop a little but if I push my cheeks with my hands they really entrench and the one on my right side is more pronounced. This leads me to believe that they have made by sleeping on my side and smooshing my face into bedding! I love sleeping on my side with a body pillow (a lovely habit learned during pregnancy that I’ve never given up.) I love my good night sleep so much that I don’t mind some lines on the side of my face.

The lines around my mouth. These wrinkles are pronounced when I’ve taken a huge mouthful of delicious food and I’m trying to chew with my mouth closed. They also pop when I’m puckered up for a kiss. Yes please, to more good food and more kissing!

The little spidery lines around my eyes. These lines etch around my eyes every time I laugh, every time I smile, even if I’m only mildly amused these little guys bounce to attention. Crow’s feet tell the story of a happy life. I only hope I can get more of those.

Now it’s your turn. How did you earn your wrinkles?

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